“Be where your feet are at.”

I recently read the quote, “Be where your feet are at.” When approached with intentional consideration, this simple quote demands a degree of deep self assessment.

The aching question of what it means to be, “Where your feet are at,” can illuminate the road of life. How can I dwell exactly in this space of time—Not worried about tomorrow or dreaming of yesterday—Not wondering what life will be like tomorrow, next month or in five years—Not wondering where I will be or who I will be? To truly be, just as I am—In this precise space, time, and place.

The truth is that we have a way of being every where but, where our feet are at.

The reason for this is because most of life has the potential to be lived in the space of “What ifs…”

“What if I move here? What if it doesn’t work out? What if they see my weaknesses? What if they stop liking me? What if they leave? What if they stay? What if, what if, what if?”

The complex space of “What if” can keep us from living in the simplicity of “What is.” 

When we forfeit valuable mind and heart space to answering “What if,” we stop being, where our feet are at.

Indeed, we all have legit questions on what tomorrow will look like based on how we live today. In fact, in my sign off, I encourage you to “Live today, a story you’d want to tell tomorrow.” Forecasting the future and planning for it is an essential part of life.

Yet, when our “What if’s” consistently disrupt “What is,” we cease being where our feet are at.

When our “What ifs” consistently disrupt “What is,” we cease being where our feet are at.

Being “Where our feet are at” allows us the opportunity to take in all the beauty, even in the simple. It gives us an opportunity to slow down and pay attention to the richness of nature, creation, animals, the laugh of a child, the touch of a loved one and the cool of the air. 

Being “Where our feet are at” gives us space to breathe and take in all of life through our amazingly vivid senses.

Being “Where our feet are at” allows us to become, not only rooted, but also invested in our homes, neighborhoods, environments and communities. We become aware of the heart beat amongst our people, and can feel the pulse of the culture we’re living in.

Being “Where our feet are at,” reveals a gentle strength and committed determination to live life, right here; right now; right where I’m at. It helps us be more compassionate with oursleves, the people around us and the world we live in.

So where are your feet at? 

Where ever your feet are at, may I encourage you to live in such a way, that you’ll have amazing stories to tell tomorrow.

Be where your feet are at.

- Joel

Joel GonzalezComment