Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.
— Erol Ozan


I was born and raised in the city of Chicago. The best of my early years were spent learning and living life, right in the heart of Chicago’s Humboldt Park community.  Part of my story witnessed the transformation of a community from a most undesirable place to live, to one of thee most desirable. The evolution of a community was an astounding thing to witness, whatever my sentiments of that evolving were.


I now live in Berwyn Il, a suburb just minutes from Chicago. It’s so close to the city that when asked where I reside, I still find myself replying, “Chicago.”


Between the journey from Chicago to Berwyn, I’ve learned the beauty of loving the place that I live in and the people that I live with. 


We are tribal by nature, and find solace being around those within our tribe. Every community has its own heartbeat, sound and culture. I’ve found such rhythm and uniqueness and art and creativity and pizzazz in the community that I live in and tribe that I live with. It’s taught me the art of slowing down, walking my dwellings and paying attention. 


Something magical happens when we walk our city, listen to the sounds and rhythms and connect with the heart beat of the people. A refreshing sense of purpose and meaning swell up in us. The place that we live in, eventually becomes the place that we love. 


I’m fortunate enough to say that I love my city, because I’ve walked it, listened to its sound and connected with the heartbeat of its people…my people.


Alright friends; may we live today, a story we’d want to tell tomorrow.


- Joel