A thing about passion


Recently, I had the privilege of seeing, hearing and most importantly, feeling this incredible musician. And although his voice was captivating and his musical chops off the chain, there was something more that got me. It wasn’t only what he did but how he did it. He wasn’t really concerned with the passerby’s as his eyes remained closed during his sets. I’m tempted to say that he was lost in another world but there was nothing about him that seemed lost. If anything, he appeared to be found; found in a world and story that was unique to him and original to us. As I listened and watched, I was caught up in the thing he did because how he did his thing was with passion.


There is something appealing about a passionate person. It doesn’t matter what it is, if a person is passionate about it, I become interested. I can’t say I become passionate about it, but I do become intrigued.

I believe it has to do with the clarity, conviction and confidence such a person exudes. If we are honest, we all need refinement in clearly knowing what we’re about, conviction in remaining true to it and confidence to live it out unapologetically.

Passion has a way of moving us like nothing else can and moving us when nothing else can. I’m not just speaking about living with passion. Sure, we can all live a passionate life. This is good.  If we aren’t careful however, we can become passionate about everything while not really accomplishing anything. It’s the difference between a diffused light and a laser beam.

I’m talking about finding our “thing.” Call me idealist, but I believe we all should have a “thing.” And agin, I’m not talking about a hobby (although our thing can be wrapped up in a hobby). Our “thing” is what we imagine ourselves doing in our minds that brings a smile to our hearts. Our thing is usually what we aren’t currently doing because we may not think we’d be successful at it or good or whatever other  false narrative we live under. Our “thing” is often the thing we tell ourselves false stories about.

 “Nobody will be interested.”

“I’m not that good.”

“People won’t like it.”

“I don’t have the time.”

This is where passion comes in however.

Passion fuels us to pursue our “thing.”

Passion drives us to become better at our “thing.”

Passion moves us to find ways to do our “thing.”

Passion mutes the voices that tell us we won’t be able to do our “thing.”

I mentioned earlier that our thing is more than a hobby. The difference is that a hobby is passive while a “thing” is active. For example, we can simply take pictures, or we can be photographers that tell stories. We can just write or we can be writers with a cause. We can play music, or we can be musicians that bring change. When passion touches what we do, we do what we do, with passion.

The world needs it you know. The world needs you to do your “thing” and do it with passion. And here too, I am an idealist. If you don’t do that thing you’ve been created to do with passion, it will go undone. Sure, someone else may do something similar. But the thing you’ve been designed to do is unique to you, therefore, original to the world. This is your contribution to humanity. Think about that! That camera you’ve been waiting to pick up can actually become the thing that picks someone else up. That instrument that’s accumulated dust can be the instrument used to dust off the hearts of people. The pen, paintbrush, microphone, box, pan, pot, idea or whatever thing you imagine yourself doing is your unique contribution to the world that can actually change it.

So, it’s not just that your “thing” is waiting for you, but the world is waiting for your “thing.” Allow passion to bring your “thing” to life, because in doing so, you very well may bring life to others. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire. Go after what gives you goosebumps. It’s better to lose ourselves in our passion than to lose our passion. And as we do our thing” with passion we will begin to notice how it inspires others to do the same.

Be inspired.

Be curious.

Be creative.

Do your thing and do it with passion.

Alright my friends, feel free to leave comments and remember to live today a story you’d want to tell tomorrow.

Joel Gonzalez

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