WEOURSTORY With Liz Flores


Liz Flores

Liz Flores


Passion is a wonderful thing to come across and courage is refreshing to witness. I had the pleasure of chatting with Chicago artist and creator, Liz Flores who exhibits both these admirable traits in the way she's chosen to live her life.


Liz is not only a gifted artist, but an inspiring human. Liz left what many would consider a safe place for the sake of her passion for art. 



Liz has a very confident, yet humble demeanor which is expressed in the rhythm she's established for her work, as well as her life. I was very encouraged, inspired and refreshed after chatting with Liz and hearing her story. I'm sure you will be as well!


Liz is someone worth following, so make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook @lizitto. Also, for more information on her work, paintings and journeys, visit her website at http

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