The Power of Imagination



We tend to think that happiness is found in the things we own, people we know and places we live in. With this false notion in mind, we give ourselves over to things that break, people that leave and places that collapse. Our human dilemma is to love things and use people.

Every so often however, we are fortunate enough to meet people who've discovered happiness to be within them rather than outside of them. I had the privilege of having a conversation with Krissy Prinker. I met her in a parking lot as she was loading the few things she owned onto a cart. She was kind enough to share some words into the camera and I was fortunate enough to capture them.



I was struck by the sheer joy and willingness Krissy shared her stories with. What captivated me about her was her imagination. She shared stories of eventually being discovered as a dancer, singer and actress. She shared stories of meeting celebrities and dining with notable people. Whether or not these stories were actual were irrelevant to me. Krissy's happiness was fueled by imagining a better tomorrow.

Our limitations establish the boundaries of our existence. It is our imagination that has the power to take the limits off. When we imagine what could be, we hope for what should be. Hope is the belief that no matter how today looks, tomorrow can be better. It is hope that helps us believe in the possibilities within seeming impossibilities. Hope pushes us towards a better future, as our imaginations fuel our belief.

"When we imagine what could be, we hope for what should be."

May we be inspired by Krissy's imagination. May it give us hope to believe in the beauty of all things. May our joy be found within us as we allow the things around us to make us happy.


This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
— Henry David Thoreau


Alright my friends...let's live today a story we'd love to tell tomorrow. 

Joel Gonzalez