Gentle Strength


Story Highlight with Blanca Gonzalez


I had the awesome privilege of sitting down with Blanca Gonzalez and having a conversation about some amazing aspects of her life. Migrating to Chicago from El Salvador with her husband in 1975, Blanca had her hearts set on serving the people at the church they'd be pastoring, as well as her new community. After 22 years in pastoral minstry however, her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After his passing away, Blanca thought her purpose, calling and in many ways, life was over. 


Blanca's life is grounded and founded on her faith in God. She speaks extensively on how God gave her the comfort to overcome her grief over losing her husband as well as the strength to engage a new found calling.

There were so many elements of encouragement and inspiration from our conversation. I was able to see such a gentle strength in the way she communicates herself. Her passion is now to serve her native country and people of El Salvador. Each year, she finds her way back to her homeland and serves the poor, the orphans and those in need. 

One final note; this story was especially meaningful to me as Blanca is my mom (even calling her by her name seems irreverent to me). I was both fascinated and sad that I hadn't been more intentional in having a conversation of the like with my mom. However, the words she spoke, encouragement she gave and stories she shared were just evidence of the life I've seen her live.

As I walked away from our conversation, I was grateful to have sat with, talked to and live with the epitome of gentle strength. 

Alright my friends, may we live today a story we'd want to tell tomorrow.

Joel Gonzalez

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