WEOURSTORY with Margaux Mays of Bijoux Studio


The way you put things together…the way you create things…that’s your creativity…that’s it.
— Margaux Mays


Margaux Mays is committed to spreading her heart for creativity by gathering a community of people to come together and simply create. Margaux is the founder of Bijoux Studios in the West Garfield Park community in Chicago. She host monthly creative gatherings where she invites people of all walks of life to come together and make things...anything.



It was a pleasure having a conversation with Margaux and hearing of her desire to bring people together. Her desire for a creative community was captivating as she wasn't looking just for artist, but for anyone who wanted to make art. 

Margaux is definitely someone to follow and join her creative journey!

For more information, check out her social media platforms at:


Alright friends...let's live today a story we'd like to tell tomorrow.




Joel Gonzalez