WEOURSTORY with Freddy Bustamante of THE COUP



We've all been created to create. Creativity isn't a gift given to just a few but a calling offered to all. Freddy Bustamante has begun a journey that's helping everyday people exercise their creativity and just make things. 



As creator and founder of THE COUP, Freddy is encouraging creativity through a unique form of call and response artistry. THE COUP (collection of unfinished projects) is a magazine in the form of a booklet with creative works halfway begun, or halfway finished (however you'd like to approach it). Users are invited to join in the creative process by adding their own ideas to the unfinished projects. There are also other art pieces included in the form of poetry, design and even magic tricks.

I'd encourage everyone to checkout their website and download their booster pack. There is also an app to be used alongside the work.

I am very inspired to the life and work of Freddy. He is a man of resolve, spirituality and conviction who allows his belief to be creatively expressed through his work. Go check him out and follow his creative journeys! You won't be disappointed.

Alright my friends, may we live today, a story we'd like to tell tomorrow.


Joel Gonzalez2 Comments